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We are Andy Ellis, James Butler, Andrew Pike and Matt Taylor from Hemyock, Honiton and Colyton.

We are experienced in the art of live music performance. Having grown up together, learnt our instruments alongside each other and performed together  in and around Devon, we can be trusted to provide a tight, polished and high quality live music set for any function or event.

Having been booked for weddings, festivals, corporate and testimonial events, pubs, etc, we have a set which can be tailored to any kind of occasion whether the requirements are to provide quiet background music to having the crowd jumping on the tables!

We are made up of a guitar player/singer/drum looper, a bass player/singer, a keyboard and synth player/ backing singer and a drummer/backing singer, meaning we can be versatile in the types of music we play. We can play the usual rock covers you’re likely to hear from most cover bands but what makes us different is the breadth of different genres we’re able to cover. You’ll see from looking at our repertoire that we can do some of the best 90’s club anthems to Fleetwood Mac, from Lionel Richie to The Weeknd and from Foo Fighters to Stardust.

We play all of our instruments live (even when playing without drummer, the drums are live looped by our front man) meaning there are no backing tracks offering us a much more authentic sound as well as the ability to adapt the set to better suit the needs of the crowd on the day.

We practice once a week, updating our set so that we’re constantly pushing to hone our skills as musicians, stay tight, stay current and to widen our repertoire. We love a challenge so with enough notice and assuming the song is within the realms of our abilities, we’ll always happy to give the odd new song outside of our repertoire a go. That coupled with an ever growing list of songs to choose from offers a much more personalised touch to your live music experience.

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